Heating and Air-Conditioning designed specifically for
modern Yachting.

The Nautilus model reached this year its 20s across the seven seas.

Up to today’s knowledge, after two decades most of Nautilus installed
results still in service.

20 years of service
are an important achievement

every sailor knows  that decades of
salt water, weathers and usage
spare no ones.

Customers feed-back speaks
more by itself than many advertisings.

Despite its manufacturing got discontinued several years ago, the steady demand by the users, ended to encouraged the Nautilus to return sailing.

We are proud to announce
the return on the sea of the
NEW NAUTILUS Model Year 2021’

Strong as in the past
but with modern features.

Like every ship got its Soul
even the Nautilus got one.

Nautilus is manufactured still today :

One by One "In White Gloves"

Small Batches
With the Finest Materials
and the Best Components
Encased in a Stainless-Steel Single Body.

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