RV - Air Conditioners

Roof-Top   or    NO-Roof-Top  ?
UKT - RV FLAT FISH - Air Conditioner

As per UKT Policy , the RV-FlatFish has been designed to "Over-Take" the today's State of Art in RV Air-Conditioning.

Still maintaining the traditional Air  Diffusers or indoor Ducting of the

Roof-Top Style

UKT - RV - FlatFish :

Blow an Astonishing Cooling power
in a range from 15,000 to 21,000 Btu
in just  :

7"           inches of thickness
28"         Width
44"+1/2  Lenght

This Super-Slim-Profile 
offers very little resistence to wind and further reduce the risk of collision with trees or road wirings.

Field Testing and simulations are in progress just in these months in the worst climate situations.

Given its Powerful Cooling Capacity,
the UKT - RV - FlatFish Air Conditioner may be considered  :

"An Academic Example of Technology and Miniaturization".

UKT  Created this "Super-Slim Profile" in Cooperation with Fluidynamic's and Automotive Minds with decades of experience in the sector.

Product presentation Scheduled , see below :

From the beginning of the  lockdowns of the early 2020
UKT Air Conditioners Made it an Opportunity to Invested
in the Research, the Study & Development of  its New Products.

Just Leaving Engineers Mind free
the Results Went Beyond Expectations :

The Summer 2021  will Host at Least TWO  Announcements
about the Launch of innovative HVAC's
   and Patented Inventions, see below :
No Roof Top - Air Conditioner
Roof Top - Air Conditioner
RV100 Stealth  -  NO Roof Top

APRIL 22 -  Shipshewana - Indiana

JUNE 15 -  Elkhart - Indiana
RV-Flat Fish  -  Roof Top


JUNE 15 -  Elkhart - Indiana
Registration or individual meeting request e-mail to :   RV100@ukt.us
JUNE 15 -  Elkhart - Indiana
APRIL 22 -  Shipshewana - Indiana
UKT - RV - 100 Stealth - Air Conditioner

This is The First
of a New Generation of Air-Conditioners


The innovative Concept enables the AC to be placed unconventionally in the lower part of the recreational vehicle or trailer, thereby not occupying any space outside the RV overall dimensions and make it not visible outside.

Starting from just 6"  thickness
it can hide  in a storage vane
or under the floor or between the frames.

Cooling  and Heating capacity
starting from  8,000 up to 16,000 Btu
in different sizes.

The Compact Profile and Light Weight Make RV-100 Stealth
Ideal For All new RV's manufacturing
from "Teardrops" to  infinite applications
as well as for DIY or rebuildings.

It spare at least 14" inches of RV's Height if compared with traditional most common Roof-Top

Improve trailer stability by lowering the center of gravity, it creates no resistence to wind while driving or in the storms.

Simplified maintenance, easy to service.

UKT - RV - 100 Stealth
May integrate a  build-in-Gas -Burner
to unify air ducting without the need to use differentiated heating devices.